The book comprises three fictional stories, each highlighting a grave issue plaguing our society. The idea is to encourage debates and discussions on these issues and find workable solutions.

The issues discussed in this book in the form of short stories are:-

  • Domestic abuse: This story covers the physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse of wives at the hands of their husbands.
  • Harassment of girls/ladies: This story covers crimes against women like eve-teasing, stalking and molestation.
  • Height-shaming of men: This story covers the discrimination and humiliation faced by men of short height.

Each fictional story has a disastrous ending, where the perpetrator gets killed by his victim. To avoid such a fatal ending, the Author has given a few suggestions during the narration of each story. However, the Author humbly admits that these suggestions may not be exhaustive.

One set of suggestions is for the victims. And another set of requests is for members of our society, who often choose to remain mute spectators and don't come forward to help the victims, even when they should.

Content Advisory: This book is strictly for readers above 18+ age only.


Book Launch of "Sir, I Had Enough."