Ask Yourself- Who’s Responsible?

This book comprises ten short stories each highlighting a particular issue plaguing our society. The Author believes that the issues would be appreciated better if they are in a story format. The intention is to make people aware of these issues through these thought-provoking fictional tales. The idea is to encourage discussions on the same and perhaps find solutions to these problems wherever possible, or simply become aware of the consequences such situations might lead to.

As the title says, ‘Ask Yourself- Who’s Responsible?’ the reader is asked to judge who is responsible for the victim’s plight at the end of each tale and whether the perpetrator/s will ever be questioned. The reader might even be made to feel, that knowingly or unknowingly he or she has been a part of a similar situation at some point in his or her own life…

The book discusses topics like:

  • “Neglect of old parents by their children.”
  • “Public apathy on roads during accidents.”
  • “Baseless squabble between warring family members.”
  • “The poison of rumour mongering.”
  • “The menace of driving on roads with high beam on”
  • “Office politics and nepotism.”
  • “Mauling of children by street dogs.”
  • “Lack of societal concern resulting in spreading of dengue.”
  • “The irrevocable damage caused by negative social media comments.”
  • “The irreparable damage by forest fire due to human causes.”

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